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6 Ways to Build Confidence

Finding ways to build confidence is crucial as it affects almost every aspect of your life. Confidence is perceived as a sign of competence and accomplishment, allowing you to take risks and pursue your goals.

Low self esteem and lack of confidence can manifest in various symptoms such as difficulty making decisions, feeling insecure and indecisive. Improving self esteem and gaining confidence can be done through various techniques such as setting achievable goals, practicing positive self talk and surrounding yourself with supportive people.

It is important to remember that building confidence takes time and effort, but with persistence and dedication, you can gain the self-assurance you need to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Here are 6 ways to build confidence

Relax more often

Relaxing is vital to ensure that you have a clear head and to make sure you don’t doubt yourself again. Remember that you have done your best and just try to move forward. Don’t think negative of yourself or what you have done all the time this will only make your situation worse.

Build confidence by Acting confident

Research has proved that by simply acting more confident you are convincing your brain that you are. If you have a much more confident demeanor, then it is more likely that your mind will accept this as if current state and therefore boost your confidence, this can be done by smiling more often, trying new things or my personal favourite, stick with something that you are already good at, this reminds you how it feels to be confident. Then simply let it pour over into other areas of your life where you need it more.

Do not be afraid – Teach your brain to be confident

Try to put yourself into more awkward situations.I know this seems daunting but it is so that you get used to them and eventually grow up to be a stronger person. Eventually you will feel strong enough to tackle any obstacle. It all comes down to your mindset, if you can do something enough, you mind will accept that it is no longer a threat to you.

Don’t compare

Try not to compare yourself to other people, it is incredibly hard nowadays with social media. Seeing what others are achieving, but it is important to remember that they most likely worked very hard to get where they are. Remember that you only get to see what they want you to see, occasionally people are going through difficult challenges and are using this as a way of reaching out to friends. 

Small steps

Make sure that you silence the inner critic. Im sure we have all been there, when we do something terribly silly and feel embarrassed. It is hard to not call yourself negative names either in your head or out loud, but it is definitely not helpful. You need to train the voice in your head to be on your side and start cheering you on for even the smallest accomplishments. In the beginning, always try to take small steps and understand that these will lead you to a greater path. 

Make sure to celebrate your wins

This is something that is very important, when you achieve your goal, try to make sure that you celebrate your wins and make sure that even though that thing is not perfect it is still pretty darn good. 


Here is a breakdown 

  • Relax more often
  • Act Confident
  • Don’t be afraid 
  • Don’t compare
  • Small steps
  • Celebrate you wins

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