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8 ways to beat post Natal depression

Dealing with postnatal depression is something many mothers have to deal with. Like it isn’t hard enough for a woman to carry a child in the womb for nearly 10 months and then to finally go through an even more excruciating task, is something that is quite overwhelming, but unfortunately it doesn’t stop there, after a mother has given birth, they may experience something known as Postnatal depression, in which they feel unimportant and disliked by others amongst many other emotions.

One of the reasons being, that for nine months to get the constant care and attention from the people around them and then when they are suddenly no longer pregnant, they feel a drastic change in themselves and those around them. While that may not be strictly wrong it is something that affects them in a great manner. 

Here are 8 ways that can help you beat Postnatal Depression

Devise a plan for emergency

The first thing that you must do and make sure that when you are pregnant there is always some person that you can rely on in any situation whatsoever. 

Create some time for yourself

Self care is extremely important in a state of pregnancy and the reason for that is your body requires a lot of stamina and energy to make sure that it is performing in the best way possible. 

Share your problems or what you are feeling

This is something that is very important for women to do because if they are feeling sad or if they are feeling anything they must be able to share it with their husbands if they are present with them during that time or if they are not present they must be able to share it with her parents or any other friend. 

Make sure you spend your time with your loved ones

The reason why this is an important thing is because with the brain works in a certain manner that when you are surrounded by the people you are close to or people who you love the brain sends out a signal that makes sure the body is safe and happy. 

Sleep well

Always make sure that your sleep cycle is in a proper routine this will make sure that your body grows and steals healthy.

Never miss a meal

This is also important because in the stage of pregnancy you are eating for two people and therefore will require a lot more energy.

Light exercise

This is also very important because it will make sure that your body stays healthy as well as your mental state stays balanced. 

Do more

Always make sure that you visit the park once in a while for a nice stroll so that you stay fresh and healthy. 


Here is a breakdown 

  • Devise a plan for emergency
  • Create some time for yourself
  • Share your problems or what you are feeling
  • Make sure you spend your time with your loved ones
  • Sleep well
  • Never miss a meal
  • Light exercise
  • Do more

If you are looking for more information Postnatal depression, I would recommend reading Books that specialise in this.

Have you suffered from Post natal depression, and how have you manage to cope with this? Please leave a comment below

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