Build Me Up founder

“Beauty is everywhere, my goal is to help others realise their true potential”

Chris Loubser – Founder

The idea of Build Me Up was created back in 2015 in an effort to help others share the ability to see a person’s true beauty and potential.

People seem to hide themselves underneath layers of cosmetic additions, just to try and feel more confident and accepted by others. These social pressures have impacted my family personally.

For a number of years my wife struggled with various different problems of her own, some of them being low self-esteem, lack of confidence and trying to get the acceptance of others by changing her appearance and who she was as a person. Despite seeking help in numerous ways in an effort to build herself up and to feel accepted, she was unable to find her way through the combination of social pressures and mental health issues. This continued for several years until eventually after our third child was born, we lost her.

Having experienced this, as well as knowing of so many people that struggle with confidence, anxiety and mental health, I realised it would be morally selfish of me not to share my experience and create a space where others are able to become more confident and secure about themselves.

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