Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation is a process that has many benefits, this is something that has helped and improved my quality of life quite drastically when I needed it.

It is a concept in which you relax your whole body whilst sitting in a comfortable position and try to redirect your thoughts and avoid all sorts of distractions. It is basically a training exercise in which you are able to develop focus, quieten your mind and be much more punctual in your routine. It is a healthy way of making sure that you are handling your stress, as well as training your mind at the same time to concentrate on the things that really matter in life. This way you will be able to prioritise certain things over the other. 

Here are some benefits of Mindfulness meditation:

Reduce tension

The best thing about meditation is that it will help you reduce tension in your body and bring your anxiety down to a very low level, as well as boosting your confidence. The act of meditation focuses on relaxing your entire body, once you have let go of all the tension you are able to start focusing on thoughts and your mental clarity.

Emotional balance

Meditation will help you to control your emotions, even in the worst possible situation and therefore be able to take the best possible measures. For example when something serious happens and you would usually feel like you have been derailed, but now because of the constant training of the mind to focus on clarity and thoughts, you are able to separate yourself from the situation and keep your emotions in cheque.

Boost self esteem

Meditation will make you feel good about yourself as you are more notable of your positive and confident characteristics that are present within yourself.

Attention span

When you start to meditate your mind is able to concentrate on the things that are really of importance, this will therefore help you prioritise your life in a very specific order. You will be able to provide attention and care to the things you hold dear the most and therefore even notice changes in your daily routine where you will be able to work in a much more concentrated and efficient manner. 

Reduces memory loss

When you meditate, you are in theory training a muscle. You are training your mind to focus much better and you will soon notice that your mind is able to concentrate on things much more and ignore the distractions that are surrounding you, as well as making sure that what you are learning is not lost, so instead of being stored in the short term memory, it is memorised for long term purposes.

Generosity and kindness

When you start to meditate your emotions are much more tender and in touch with what really matters to you. For example realising that it isn’t the end of the world if you are stuck in traffic, but instead a chance for you to think about who you are looking forward to seeing or to process what has happened at work so not to put the stress of the day onto the wrong people, or thinking what urgency the other people must be in for rushing like they do. So therefore you become much kinder towards the people that surround you, thinking about how they feel and so you become of a much more helping and caring nature.

Help you against your addictions

If you are someone that struggles with something like drinking or smoking or are addicted to some sort of drug,, meditation is something that can help you focus on the positivity and joy in your life reducing the urges and strengthening your mind and willpower, which therefore has a enormous impact on your relationships and improves your lifestyle as a whole.


Here is a breakdown 

  • Reduce tension
  • Emotional balance
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Attention span
  • Reduces memory loss
  • Generosity and kindness
  • Help against addictions
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Mindfulness meditation
Mindfulness meditation
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Mindfulness meditation
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Mindfulness meditation
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Mindfulness meditation
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