Everyone wants to have a healthy life and be full of vitality. But what is the definition of a healthy life? There are many factors that affect our health – from our diet, to our emotional state. In fact, most doctors agree that lifestyle habits have a greater influence on health than genetics. To have a healthy life it’s important to be aware of all these factors and find the right balance for each one of them.

How we feel inside determines how we feel on the outside. If we don’t make our Health our top priority, our quality of life will definitely deteriorate, not to mention our happiness as well as our life expectancy. Keeping you body healthy and in top condition means giving it everything it needs, so it can continue being everything you want it to be.

Here is our collection of Health related posts.

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Lack of sleep
Why do I always feel sleepy? The feeling of being sleepy can be caused by a number of things. The first and most obvious one being lack of sleep, or
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How to improve sleep quality
The Complete Guide to Poor Sleep Hygiene and How to Improve Your Quality of Sleep Introduction: What is poor sleep hygiene, and what are the consequences? Poor sleep habits are
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The Effects of Healthy Nutrition on Brain Health
What is Healthy Nutrition? A healthy, balanced diet is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. It helps to reduce the risk of developing various diseases such as diabetes, heart disease
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coffee increases weight loss
Are you looking for some really simple ways to speed up your metabolism? Here we will discuss what you can do to increase it and why this is necessary. Metabolism
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Boost testosterone
Testosterone plays an important role in the development of males, but before you can do exercises that boosts testosterone, you need to understand what it does and how it affects
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Beauty benefits of exercise running
Exercise has many benefits to your physical appearance, as well as your mental state. But for now we are more concerned about the Beauty benefits of exercise. Even though there
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Nuts are know to boost serotonin
Serotonin is a chemical that is produced in the body and can be found in many foods. Serotonin was discovered by accident when researchers were injected with serotonin, but it
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Get amazing skin using these tips
In our minds we all want to get amazing skin that is free from any sort of imperfections such as freckles acne etc. Especially nowadays in the era of social
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10 tips to lose weight
Our weight is not the most important aspect of our lives as everyone is built differently, but not feeling comfortable in your skin can have an big impact on our
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8 ways to beat post Natal depression
Dealing with postnatal depression is something many mothers have to deal with. Like it isn't hard enough for a woman to carry a child in the womb for nearly 10
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Top 7 anti-aging vitamins that you need to know
Your skin is very sensitive to almost everything that you eat, With this in mind we have created this article on Anti-aging Vitamins that you need to include in your
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20 best foods for weight loss
This is very important for those people who are Obese or are having problems regarding their weight. Obesity can lead to several problems such as bone osteoporosis; it can cause
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