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To build Self-esteem is something that other people might think as a sort of inner voice or a sort of conversation that you have within yourself, however self-esteem is not as simple as that.

What Self esteem is, is  the way that we see ourselves or how we portray ourselves in front of others. It’s about how and what we value about ourselves, who we think we are and what we might be able to do or even what abilities we  have in ourselves. Self-esteem can be of two types, either bad self-esteem or good self-esteem. 

People who are having a better sort of perception of themselves are generally much more positive towards others, compared to those who consider themselves to have bad or low self-esteem.

Here are some ways to Build Self-esteem

Identify yourself 

The first stage of making yourself happier and feeling like a better person is making sure that you do not have any sort of self-esteem problems. Identifying or recognising any problems there might be is the first step to building self-esteem. Once you admit that you have a problem you will be able to ready yourself and accept that change.

Learn the positive things 

Make sure that you are always looking for the most positive aspects in yourself, this could be your personality or simply something generally good about you. These things are often commented on by other people that surround you or is something that is noticed by other people.

Positive people

This is very important, always try to make sure that you are involved with or in a circle of positive people no matter where they fit into your life. Try to make friends with those people who are genuinely nice and have a positive attitude and relationship with you. Negative people will definitely drag you down to make themselves feel better. This is definitely not healthy for you.

Take a break

This is also very important, taking breaks makes sure that you are able to give time to yourself that is only for you. Without proper breaks you will never take the time to appreciate yourself and make time for what makes you happy. It is great being good to those around you, but if you never stop to look after your needs, you are guaranteed to feel deflated or lacking in many areas.


Being assertive is excellent for your self-esteem, try to apply this to all aspects of your life. It is vital to have the ability to say no when there is something that you are not be comfortable doing. This will only cause you to suppress your feelings and leave you feeling worse about yourself.


Exercising has a lot of benefits, the most important being your health . Feeling healthy will make you feel much more energetic, as well as positive towards other people. The other benefit is the increase of serotonin in the brain, which as you know boosts your mood and impacts so many areas of your well


Here is a breakdown 

  • Identify Yourself
  • Learn positive things 
  • Positive People
  • Take a break
  • Assertiveness
  • Excercise
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