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coffee increases weight loss

Simple ways to Speed up your metabolism

Simple ways to Speed up your metabolis - Caffeine can speed up your Metabolism to burn calories
Caffeine can speed up your Metabolism to burn calories

Are you looking for some really simple ways to speed up your metabolism? Here we will discuss what you can do to increase it and why this is necessary.

Metabolism is basically a terminology that is used for the explanation of saying that all the chemical reactions that are undergoing within your body, and the interactions they are producing. It is the process by which our bodies break down food and convert it into energy. It is a complex system that involves many organs and hormones.

Metabolism is a term that is used mainly in Medical Sciences and the impact of it on the human body is of great importance. The best thing about metabolism is that if it is of higher value there is a very good chance that you might be able to lose weight. On the contrary if your Metabolic rate is depressed Therefore as you may understand now metabolic rate is an extremely important concept and can lead to explanation of your weight gain or weight loss. 

Here are some Simple ways to Speed up your metabolism

1. Intake of caffeine

Caffeine is a great ingredient that your body can use to increase your metabolic rate, caffeine has a strong effect on not only waking you up from your senses but it also has the ability to create a higher metabolic basal rate that ensures that your body can burn calories at a constant rate. 

2. Physical activity

With the help of physical activity, you can lose weight by increasing the metabolic rate of your body. As you exercise, you burn calories and the body needs calories to function, therefore it speeds up the digestion process and utilizes the stored glycogen and glucose within your body.

3. Protein intake

Protein intake is also a very good example and method of increasing your basal metabolic rate. The primary reason for that is that your stomach produces mainly hydrochloric acid and pepsin enzymes which have been designed for digestion of proteins and breaking time down into simple peptides for digestion and energy production. Therefore intake of protein will eventually increase your basal metabolic rates. 

4. Water intake

Water intake is also a primary reason for increasing your basal metabolic rates and the reason for that is when you drink cold water your body responds to it by increasing its basal metabolic rate, in response to the cold temperature. Therefore whenever you drink cold water researchers have found that such people have a higher metabolic rate and therefore are more likely to burn calories and as a result of that lose weight. 

5. Do heavy weight lifting

Whenever you do a high intensity workout your basal metabolic rate is likely to increase and this is especially even more true in the case of people who are having an exercise routine which involves lifting heavy weights.

What are the benefits of increasing your Metabolism?

As you know, your Metabolism is the rate at which your body can burn calories. So to effectively lose weight for example, you would need to increase this rate to exceed your current calorie intake. Meaning, spend more time being active and less time eating high calorie foods.


Try eating more proteins, can contribute to weight loss, Increase in Proteins increases your metabolic rate around 10-15% (Don’t exceed your recommended daily allowance as it can impact your Kidneys (1)

  • Caffeine intake
  • Physical activity
  • Protein intake
  • Water intake
  • Heavy lifting

Which of these have you tried? Please leave a comment below.

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simple ways to speed up your metabolism
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simple ways to speed up your metabolism
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