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Depression can be a very sad and painful experience for many. Roughly 1 in every 5 people suffer from depression at some point in their lives, When looking for ways to cope with Depression you first need to follow a few simple steps to see how strongly it is impacting your daily life.

What are the symptoms of depression

  1. Losing interest in activities that were previously enjoyed
  2. Pessimism
  3. Loss of energy
  4. Difficulty concentrating
  5. Memory difficulties
  6. Changes in sleep patterns
  7. Loss of interest in sex
  8. Thoughts of death
  9. Changes in weight or appetite
  10. Hopelessness

Common misconceptions about Depression

Believing that you have always been like this and it is just part of you personality.
(You may feel like it is impossible to change yourself if it has always been this way, but this is not true, change is very possible!

Other’s are able to handle themselves through difficult times, I am just weak
The truth is we tend to only focus on positive people, and not able to notice the one’s that are struggling. Everyone goes through difficult times, some are just better at hiding them. Just because you are showing signs of depression it doesn’t make you weak or inferior in any way.

Nothing has happened in my life to make me feel depressed, there must be something wrong with me.
it isn’t always easy to understand why we feel the way we do and there is no need to blame yourself for not being ok, but you can do something about it and speak to a professional for their advice, this will help you understand what the root cause could be.

Where does depression come from?

There are several area’s in our lives where depression can stem from, here are a few examples

  • Early Life experiences – Such as loss of parents, abuse or neglect
  • Significant Life events – Traumatic, emotional, fearful experiences
  • Continuous stressed – Relationship problems, Financial worries, illness, etc
  • In you Genes – Depression can run in your family

It can be difficult to stop yourself feeling depressed without the right help.

When we get into a cycle of negative thinking, it makes it harder for us to get out of a cycle of depression. This can be exacerbated by reducing communication with friends and relatives,

Not doing things that you would usually enjoy doing, which leaves you not wanting to stay in and isolate yourself, this means you will also not take as much pride in yourself such as dressing nicely or looking after yourself, as you would have if you joined in with friends or activities. This will affect your appearance and self-esteem greatly.

Treatment for Depression

Depression can go away on its own without the need for treatment, but in some instances you may need to seek professional advice.

GP – Medication
Im sure that even your Gp will agree, no one should rely on the use of medication alone to resolve depression (unless there is a medical reason), but it will help you in the short term to get yourself back up.

Psycological Therapy
Nowadays there is a wide range of psychological therapies available to help treat depression. Always speak to a professional to find the most suitable for your situation as there are many different types of therapy available for different symptoms


Try to focus on staying active and in contact with friends and family. Remember to set yourself some goals to work toward, no matter how small. Take the time to look after yourself and deal with any small things that you have been putting off, this will give you a sense of achievement.

I find what works best is the saying of “what get’s into motion, stays in motion”, so sorting out those niggly bits you have been putting off, gets you fired up and this applies to everything that you do.

Do you struggle with Depression, and what do you find helps you or makes things worse? We would appreciate your comments below.

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Ways to cope with Depression
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Ways to cope with Depression
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