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What is Clutter Anxiety?

Oh yes, believe it, Clutter can definitely give you anxiety. Clutter anxiety is when some or several areas in your home gets so cluttered that it contributes to the deterioration of your mental health and amplification of your anxiety. We all know the frustrating feeling of overwhelm when you walk into a room that simply has too much going on. It could be clothes that you haven’t yet put away, children’s toys, books/magazines or shoes. There are so many things that can leave you feeling overwhelmed and even despondent.

The problem with clutter is, it tends to frustrate you as it is something else you need to deal with subconsciously and stops you focusing on what you really want to do. I see it as a job that needs dealing with and if not sorted out it will keep playing in my mind. Then as soon as the next load of clutter builds up, the overwhelm turns to into anxiety. 

The cycle caused by clutter

clutter anxiety depression cycle

Types of clutter

There are two types of clutter that you need to be familiar with. By differentiating between the two, you are able to better understand where you could be holding on to something for a specific reason.

  • Someday Clutter – Clutter you keep in case you need it someday
  • Memory Clutter – Clutter you keep to remind you of things in the past

What to bear in mind is that, in order to live in the present, we need to try and let go of the past, this can hold you back from moving forward in your life. By being constantly overwhelmed by clutter, you will very quickly lose productivity, which as I’m sure you know lowers your chances of success and achievement further into the future.

I prefer to clean the house before I start working, this keeps me focussed on what I am doing instead of what still needs to be done before the kids get home”

The Impact of clutter

You will be surprised what a bit of clutter can do to your mental health and general well-being. Many people claim to feel suffocated or unable to breathe when their surroundings are too cluttered. Do you know the feeling of walking into your hotel room, the clear open space, the lack of distractions and that someone has made your bed. This is the main reason we feel relaxed when staying over in a hotel, you feel calm because of the lack of things that are fighting for your attention.


Charity Bag – I like to keep a bag in both the ground floor and the first floor of the house. Whenever I come across something I don’t use anymore or don’t see much point in keeping as it give no clear benefit, I put it in the bag to go to charity. This slowly clears up my home from any unnecessary items and clears my mind from clutter and anxiety caused by it.

Hotel at home -Try to clear 1 room a week, but most importantly, try to focus on your bedroom. This is where you go to rest and if it is cluttered, you are guaranteed to wake up feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Remove everything off the floor and window sills and dresser, then add a single plant and an aromatherapy candle

Tip it out -I have my children to thank for this one. They would usually find a bag or box of bits that have not yet been unpacked since we moved house and simply tip it over, forcing me to sort it out. Another way of doing this is would be by, say, removing a drawer that needs serious attention and leave it in your way, so you can’t forget about it.

Coffee – Yes, I am a coffee lover and I find having a decent coffee not only gets me amped up, but really helps me get into a good clean up.

Get the ball rolling -This is my favourite tip! This one is thanks to Newton. Law of Motion (Law of inertia) “and an object that is moving will continue to move straight and with constant velocity” This basically means what ever gets into motion, stays in motion. Have you ever realized that when you start something, it is difficult to stop? So all you need to do is to start by getting the ball rolling!


Here is a breakdown 

  • Focus on a specific area
  • Have a clear vision for that area
  • Get Motivated
  • Get rid of the unnecessary

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